Timo Välkky

Timo Välkky joined Scanroad team


Timo Välkky has started in our team. Juha Lehtinen has decided to pass his position as managing director to Timo.

Juha will still be member of the board, also he will stay as shareowner in the company.

Juha Lehtinen: I thank you for these wonderful 21 years I have been working for Scanroad as director. I wish all the best for the company also in future.

There is no changes in the other staff of Scanroad, so You can still feel free to

operate with our professional staff. Welcome Timo, May the Force be with you!!.

Scanroad Finland is moving


Scanroad Finland is moving into another location. Stop by and have some coffee with us.

The new headquarters is:

Scanroad Finland Oy

Vanha Porvoontie 231 A

FI 01380 Vantaa


We also move containers

Scanroad Finland is also moving containers.

We have own tractor (VolvoFH 460hp) and container chassis, able to move 20 - 45 feet containers


Scanroad Annual meeting in Amsterdam

Scanroad Finland was participating "Scanroad Annual meeting" ,this time in Amsterdam.

See attached picture of our staff

Snowy Terminal

Winter is coming


The winter has become also in southern Finland now. We want to point out the importancy of the booking of frost sensitive goods. Sometimes we find cargo labelled "Frost Sensitive" among the normal cargo, and there is nothing to do if the goods were loaded in normal curtainsider trailer when the temperature is below zero. The haulier is never responsible of the damages if the sensivity is not mentioned when booking the transport. We have temperature controlled box trailers (open side) during the winter period.

Scanroad has renewed AAA credit classification

1.10.2006 Scanroad has renewed AAA credit classification, now 8th year in row!
Scanroad truck

2 new trailers bought


Scanroad bought two brand-new curtainsiders from Schmitz, Germany. Both trailers are having sliding roof and top. The free loading height from side is 275-285 cm, thanks to hydraulically rising roof. These newies are coming to traffic between France and Finland, supporting our jumbo's and "open-side" reefer.